25 August 2016

Now and Then: When magic begins

Summer of 16

Sitting on a bench watching my kids play in the playground is not one of my favorite things to do. I believe it's not one of the boys' favorite either. Most of the times we get the chance, we wander around our neighborhood. It may sound boring, there are a lot of blocks of flats, not that many gardens. Yet, we always find something interesting. Provided that we take our curiosity on the road with us. And we always do. 

This is how we found this fruit and later on the tree where it came from. I've never seen it before. Do you know what it is? We don't, so we are still fascinated with it.

Most of the times the boys have some sort of a vehicle with them. You can imagine their joy when they find a puddle. They even ask for my permission to go through it and, of course, I say yes. What could be more fun?

Other times we see peculiar things like a single house hidden between blocks of flats, or a pigeons cage hidden in plain view on top of a 8 storey building. Who knew somebody raises pigeons 3 blocks away from us?! Few days ago I spotted a small moss mat. Cristian was quick to tell me it indicates the North while Tudor was hesitant to touch it first.

Summer of 15

More than a year ago, another walk around. Cristian tasted honeysuckle for the first time. I taught him the proper way to get the juice out of it just like I did when I was his age.

Here the boys found some big pinecones and they were having a walk break, resting. We must have walked for quite a while that day.

My favorite find is this mural, "When you sleep, the magic begins".

When you walk, the magic begins. When you search, the magic begins.

A magic walk a day keeps the doctor away!

P.S. now and then Sibiu, on top of the hill

18 August 2016

Nailed it - wedding shades

What I like most about summer is the feeling that time is on my side, because of the long days, good weather and more time spent outside. And I like my bright nails too, in all the beautiful colors. Or darker colors. Most of the times, when I do my mani myself at home, I choose whatever I feel like that moment. For special occasions there is a line of thinking. Can you believe that? Of course you do.

These 2 shades were picked for weddings: the delightful pink went with a mostly black dress and the gray was for a powder pink dress. I especially like the gray because it is metallic with the perfect touch of glitter, not too much, so you can make it everyday appropriate too. So, wedding shades, there you have it! I am sure it was everything you missed in life. I don't know about you but I have been missing my "Nailed it" posts. Girl just wanna have fun!

A mani a day keeps the doctor away!

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12 August 2016

Arges Riverside Park

Sometimes most of the great things in my life come together: an extended weekend, my 2 boys, my hometown, the house I grew up in, my family and a new park. All these spiced up with the untainted  joy of life only kids can have. Luckily it is contagious, so much that at some point, while watching my kids play with the water, I found myself praying out of gratitude for those moments of peaceful bliss.

This time our little adventure started in the new park in Pitesti, on the riverside of Arges river. Cri and Tud were very excited to ride the tandem tricycle we rented. Tud was screaming about how awesome the ride was. We had to come back again for another 1 hour ride where Tud got the courage to ride, too.

Second visit to the park we had some extra fun with the little water fountains. I invited the boys to go an get wet. They were shy about it first but in the end, even I couldn't stay on the side and joined them. I continued to walk barefoot until we left the park. I can't even remember the last time I did that but I definitely need to this more often.

A park a day keeps the doctor away!

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1 August 2016

Cristian, the articulate explorer

On Cristian's 8th birthday, A.'s announcement took me by surprise: "You know his 7 years at home , good family upbringing, is done, don't you?!" I went straight to panic mode, which seldom happens to me. I never thought of this before. " How come I didn't realize this sooner" Other questions were rapidly pumping in my head: Did I do a decent job at educating him? What did I miss? Was I a good enough mom? and some more I can't even remember.

Needless to say it was too late for questions. The foundation of the man he's turning to is all set now. I can only hope I equipped him well for life.

The way I see him, at 8, there are 2 things that set him apart: he is an explorer and he is good with words. My heart fills with joy when I see how curious he is about all things in nature. He had his share of fun this summer, but what he really likes best is his time in the countryside where he is now.  It may be because of the novelty of the experience, the nature's little wanders or the freedom that goes with all these. Whatever the reason, I only hope he keeps his curiosity alive. It comes at a cost for me. Raising a kid who isn't obedient is not the easiest thing to do. I am confident it will pay off in the long term, though.

When it comes to words, thoughts and feelings, Cristian keeps on surprising me. He says things in the range of " Good luck at work!" on a daily basis to " I give you my heart, mom". All these over the phone while he is away with my parents now. Or, when we are together, he looks at me in wander and says: "How could you be so cute, mom"

Sometimes he leaves me speechless:

I was quite upset one day because he didn't do what I told him to do, I took it personally that day. He did his way and then noticed how sad I was about it. He came to me, eyes watered in tears, and he said: "Even though I made you sad I am very grateful for everything you have done for me and for everything you will continue to do for me in the future" and he said that with a flower in his hand.

When we took the boys for a vacation with my parents and we were saying our goodbys Cristian said " We love you and we cherish you" (Ro: "Va iubim si va pretuim"). 

The full story here is he also knows all the bad words a kid his age could know. He is certainly rich in words. I am certainly rich in love for the past 8 years now. Thank you for everything you brought to my life, Cristian! 

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Photo: valigoaga

30 July 2016

Kids base in Trivale woods

After a 2 week vacation with my parents at Slanic Moldova, I thought my boys needed some time to slow down. I asked them if they wanted us to see a movie together. They chose to play outside once again, in Trivale woods. They missed the place where, last summer, they built their "base", something like a camp with a shelter, a fire and some imaginary walls around which are actually made of big logs.

I watched them play for hours there asking, from time to time, if they wouldn't want to go home and have lunch. They needed no food, everything a kid wanted was there. Free play, imagination coming to life, little branches and big logs, and dare I say their mother. I told them out loud what a nice camp they built and thought to myself there is still hope, this is how childhood should look like.

This is one of my favorite things to do in the summer, going back to my hometown where I get to enjoy childhood again with my 2 boys and my parents all together.

A childish joy a day keeps the doctor away!

20 July 2016

My summer one-of-a-kind bag

Saying I like bags is an understatement. Saying I love bags is more accurate, however I try to keep my obsessions private. I take pride for my choice in bags as I am very picky and precise . The problem is I end up craving bags way out of my league. And I am normally left unsettled. Except this spring when I had this $1000 idea.

This wonderful MaxMara bag was all over women magazines. One day, between my sighs, I came up with a plan: buy a simple white bag (I chose one from Parfois) and have someone talented paint the seagulls. Weeks away, I own my custom made dream bag that costs 50 times less than the MaxMara one. 

Thanks a lot, Antonia, for painting it! I already have another idea for the fall-winter season, just saying.

A bag a day keeps the doctor away!

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Photo 1, 3 valigoaga

16 July 2016

Fratii Jderi II: the cutest dogs

When I heard there were 4 dogs running freely at Fratii Jderi I wandered how they would get along with kids. Not mine, because they have been living with a dog their entire life. Turns out they are the most adorable, kind, playful dogs I ever met. They also came and bag for food while we were eating, which they were not allowed to do, but who could blame them?! 

I don't know how happy the dogs were during play but look at these kiddos' faces:

A dog a day keeps the doctor away!

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